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Discuss psychedelics and the spirituality, philosophy, and the research that surrounds them in a secured and independent community.
Due to the perception of psychedelics in our culture, psychedelics and those who discuss them are judged harshly. When others read our opinions about psychedelics and its culture through social media, this judgment can affect our personal and professional lives. We want to change that by providing a sacred space for you to discuss topics that are important to you, anonymously, and safely in a community that is built to include like-minded individuals.
Additionally, we are not owned and operated by large corporate companies that sell your information to marketers. Your information is yours. We keep it private and don’t allow Google or Facebook to spy on your data inside of the community. You can share your content if you wish outside of our network, but we won’t do it for you. We are not here to get rich, but instead, create a vibrant community.
Facebook is Not Safe
As the title suggests, Facebook is not a safe place to discuss topics that are considered controversial normal standards. Even if you make a fake account with them they track everything that you do, say, where you log in, and how you act while you are not using their system. We want to stop that by getting those who are serious about discussing psychedelics off of their network and to reduce the chance of harm that could become a problem for Psychonauts. Our system may not be as user-friendly as Facebook, but its pretty dang good, and a hell of a lot safer. Be smart and stop talking about psychedelics on Facebook.



The Network

In order to expand on our desire to give you an understanding of what the DMT World network is all about, we wanted to provide you with an overview of DMT World, what it offers, and how you can take part in the community. This is after all a community that relies on transparency so that we can offer you the best experience possible.


Unlike other social networks, we encourage our members to register an account as anonymously as possible. Some of our users have even taken on the personification of Hindu gods which makes for an entertaining conversation but overall protects the user in some ways.

When you create an account for DMT World you need to provide a valid email that you can check at least once to verify your account. After you verify your account your welcome to never use that email address again and you can contact us if you need to reset your password. We only use your email address to send you updates if something changes on the site etc. So you won’t miss out on too much.

If you feel like you need additional safety due to the conversations that you may have on DMT World, you are welcome to also use a VPN. We do track IP address due to the requirements for the system, but only 2 people have access to those IP addresses. They are listed in DMT World as “Admins”.

Supporting Us

If you have not yet registered for a free account on DMT World, you should. Almost all options available to free members, but in order to enjoy the full experience, we ask that you support us. Your donation to our cause helps pay for server costs and marketing fees which we use in order to expand the network to other users on the internet so that they have the same option to join the community as you have had. You can support the network at patreon.com/dmtworld.


All function inside of DMT World is restricted to DMT World members who have approved their accounts. Any shared content outside of the network will still require an individual to have a DMT World account in order to view the content or interact with it. This does not mean that someone who registers in the community could report or copy some of the information inside of the network in order to incriminate or prosecute our users. It is imporant that each user who takes part in the community understands it is their responsiblity to montor their safety and to reduce sharing any content that could be illegal in their state or country. The DMT World team will do their best to remove the content or to contact a user who posts content that could affect them legally. DMT World takes no responsibility to legal actions that occur to the user for their content posted.



Inside DMT World

Inside DMT World you will find a number of systems or options for you to express your psychonaut needs. This includes an area to post your psychedelic experiences under “Trip Reports”. There is also a feed which you can update your status, communicate with others in real time, or share some photos or ideas you have been thinking about. Unlike Facebook this creates a much tighter knit community where everyone can speak to everyone else about a large range of topics, all focused on the psychedelic experience. 


Trip Reports
Who doesn’t enjoy reading about other peoples trips, what they learned, and what they saw? Erowid may be full of some pretty amazing content concerning trips, but what it doesn’t provide is a community to discuss your or others trips in full detail. Those trips that we find are most impactful are also featured on the site for all to see.
Interested in talking about specific topics or ideas? Our groups will offer you something to explore. Create your own group or join another and post and share in that group. Groups are like smaller communities as they are still shared with everyone’s feed, but can be further explored in the group section.
Want to talk to someone in the network? Not a problem. If you add someone as a friend and they confirm you, then you can send them a message. Messages are in real time and you are welcome to discuss psychedelics to your heart’s content.
For those who are into being the best in everything they do, we have badges for you. Gain a badge by helping out the network by posting and sharing, or donating. Special badges are given to those who support us.
Personal Profiles
Not one for talking with others but want your own space to write down your thoughts, dreams, experiences? Each user comes with their own profile area where you can post blogs, photos, videos that you care about. It’s your space, do what you want.

Mobile Users

If you have a mobile phone and want to access our website using your device we offer options for Android and Apple users through the Google Play Store and iTunes.

Data and Security

You can read more about our data and security options for DMT World here: https://dmtworld.net/data-and-security/


Welcome to the Tribe

Hopefully, this has answered some of the questions that you have had about our team, the system, and what it can offer you. We look forward to having you become part of our tribe by signing up and contributing your important knowledge to our community. We look forward to seeing you very soon. Find the others…