Hi fellow DMT psychonauts. In order to create a more inclusive experience, we have spent the time to make a cosmic shrine to our favorite molecule DMT. Though many of us have tried or experienced DMT in its purest form, it’s important to understand that DMT is not exclusive to just the compound, but can be found in all things living. In respect to this truth, we have made the website to include all of those who have in some way shape or form come in contact with DMT.

As this site develops and more and more people learn about DMT we hope to help those share what they know about DMT, their experiences, and how DMT has changed their lives through the site as well as the community. We intend to encourage others to share their information by giving away items which celebrate this accomplishment in the form of swag and gear with DMT and its related themes displayed. The goal behind this is to get others to understand the importance of community when it comes in relationship to DMT and the experience. We are, after all, connected on a much deeper level.

Additional to the badass DMT swag, we want to share all that you have created. We will make a way for those who are wanting to share their videos, music, images, and stories that surround DMT by featuring your work on our media outlets. Hopefully, through this sharing of our collective creativeness, we will be able to share with others our experiences and how DMT has fundamentally changed us.