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Data and Security

User Data and Privacy – 

Even though we try our best not to collect personal data on our users, some information is collected in order for you to be able to login to our website and post content. Some users and some of our critics have raised valid concerns as to what data we are collecting and what we are doing with that. To improve in transparency we wanted to discuss some of those questions here.

Q: What type of data is collected by the DMT Worlds system?
DMT World stores users data in our site. Our site is encrypted by SSL. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites in the protection of their online transactions with their customers. In addition, DMT World Scripts also stores info of the session. It includes the login history with info on the browser, device, IP address, action, and timestamp. This applies on top of all data that a user entered manually to DMT World by its users into the site.

Q: How do you collect my data and where is it stored?
A: The data that you provide us is located in a database with the company that we host with. Only one individual has access to that data. That information stays on the server and is only accessed for technical issues that may occur if an error in the database occurs. There is also a backup of that data which is collected every 24 hours. Your data stays on that server until you decide that it should be removed. Our app and our website is GDRP compliant and allows our users to delete in full all data on their profile at any time. Collection of this form of data is typical for any website such as a forum (DMT Nexus, Shroomery, etc) or any other site that has personal posts, blogs, etc. Without the collection of this data, we would be unable to allow you to comment or post.

Q: Do you use my data to advertise to me or sell my information?
DMT World does not advertise to its users through the network or outside of the network based on data collected in the network. The main site at does collect user data to remarket to those users to join DMT World. We do not use that data to sell you additional products or services outside of DMT World. We do not display ads from outside services or products to you while in DMT World or on the mobile app. We do not allow for marketing outside of the Merchant area in DMT World. We do not sell your personal information or give your information away. We also do not have any possible way to build a profile around each user to determine their interests desires or needs to market to the individual.

Q: Does Google or Facebook collect my data from your site?
A: We specifically restrict Facebook from collecting data from our users in DMT World Network area. We do however promote our website to Facebook users which collects data due to how Facebook’s advertisement system works. This means that on Facebook’s pixel system is implemented, but once you use our network at your data is not collected. Google systems are used by our website due to fonts, and data that is sent to each user through their browser. Unfortunately, there is no way to get around this based on how our system operates and how typical websites operate.

We do not collect analytical data on our users once they login to our system. We also use Google Firebase systems to transmit information to our users through the mobile app and for our messaging system. If you are using Google Play to use our app your data is submitted through google systems as well as Apple if you use iTunes. For having an app on their networks there is no possible way to get around this.

Q: What is GDPR?
GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation is EU’s new privacy law which came to effect recently on 25th May 2018 to replace the 1995 Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46/EC).

It aims to give control back to any individual in the EU over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international businesses. 

Q: What are my rights to access my data?
A: DMT World allows users to access, view, and edit their personal information upon login. You can access this section for viewing and updating by selecting on profile > Account Settings.

This personal information which a site collects varies from site to site. They can define custom fields to collect additional data. However, as a default requirement, DMT World saves user information such as the Full name, Email, Password, Language, Timezone, and Currency.

Q: Do I have the right to erasure/right to be forgotten?
A: In DMT World, any user can choose to cancel their account. It can be easily accessed by selecting Cancel Account in the Account Settings section.

A user can use the option to delete all their data by canceling an account. It includes personal information in the user’s profile, posts, comments, photos, music, video, tags… The user might need to fill out the form to provide some information before processing on to account deletion.

Q: Do I have the right to data portability?
A: Yes, you have the rights to export and receive all of their personal data in a machine-readable format.

Therefore, a user can now generate a customizable export of data with this new build 3 functionality. You can access this feature by selecting Download a Copy of your Data in the Account Settings section.

Users can choose which data they wish to export from the next page

A zip file will be downloaded which include all data entities you select to export before in JSON format.


Overall Goal

Our overall goal is to provide our users with the safe experience they can have while using our systems. With any use of electronic systems or data, there is a level of risk that each user takes when they log on to a system and post their private data. That data in one form or another is collected. DMT World is as safe to use as any other internet forum that millions of people use daily to share and exchange information. This means each user should protect themselves by not providing information that they desire others to know about them. We do not require our users to provide us anything besides their email, username, and IP address when registering so that we can log who that user is. You can use a VPN, fake email address, fake name when registering and we would have no way of proving that you are in fact who you say you are. That is not our goal. Our goal is to make it so you have a safe place to discuss things that you are passionate about.

Though what we have provided as transparency is well beyond what other forums, as well as networks, have provided their users, we understand that we have room to improve on our transparency. We will continue to update this article as well as our privacy policy and terms of service to ensure that our users are well informed of the technical data that is collected or shared with others as they use the site. We are again not here to maliciously use our user’s data. We are also fully aware of the type of data that is being collected by large corporations on the internet, such as Facebooks Like icons, voice systems such as Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft Cortana and so on. It is for that reason that we do not include those items inside our network so that we can protect our users as best as possible. If there is a security breach or error in our system that is noticed, we will fix it. If it is something that is essential to the operation of our system we will make sure our users are informed of the issue.

If you don’t feel that we have fully answered your questions or you would like to know more you can email us directly by clicking on our contact us page and ask specifically what type of data you are wanted to know about or system and we will respond. We also will be updating our users shortly as well as this article with our technical data for the mobile application.

Welcome to DMT World

Welcome to DMT World – 

The Psychedelic Social Network – 

Discuss psychedelics and the spirituality, philosophy, and the research that surrounds them in a secured and independent community.
Due to the perception of psychedelics in our culture, psychedelics and those who discuss them are judged harshly. When others read our opinions about psychedelics and its culture through social media, this judgment can affect our personal and professional lives. We want to change that by providing a sacred space for you to discuss topics that are important to you, anonymously, and safely in a community that is built to include like-minded individuals.
Additionally, we are not owned and operated by large corporate companies that sell your information to marketers. Your information is yours. We keep it private and don’t allow Google or Facebook to spy on your data inside of the community. You can share your content if you wish outside of our network, but we won’t do it for you. We are not here to get rich, but instead, create a vibrant community.
Facebook is Not Safe
As the title suggests, Facebook is not a safe place to discuss topics that are considered controversial normal standards. Even if you make a fake account with them they track everything that you do, say, where you log in, and how you act while you are not using their system. We want to stop that by getting those who are serious about discussing psychedelics off of their network and to reduce the chance of harm that could become a problem for Psychonauts. Our system may not be as user-friendly as Facebook, but its pretty dang good, and a hell of a lot safer. Be smart and stop talking about psychedelics on Facebook.



The Network

In order to expand on our desire to give you an understanding of what the DMT World network is all about, we wanted to provide you with an overview of DMT World, what it offers, and how you can take part in the community. This is after all a community that relies on transparency so that we can offer you the best experience possible.


Unlike other social networks, we encourage our members to register an account as anonymously as possible. Some of our users have even taken on the personification of Hindu gods which makes for an entertaining conversation but overall protects the user in some ways.

When you create an account for DMT World you need to provide a valid email that you can check at least once to verify your account. After you verify your account your welcome to never use that email address again and you can contact us if you need to reset your password. We only use your email address to send you updates if something changes on the site etc. So you won’t miss out on too much.

If you feel like you need additional safety due to the conversations that you may have on DMT World, you are welcome to also use a VPN. We do track IP address due to the requirements for the system, but only 2 people have access to those IP addresses. They are listed in DMT World as “Admins”.

Supporting Us

If you have not yet registered for a free account on DMT World, you should. Almost all options available to free members, but in order to enjoy the full experience, we ask that you support us. Your donation to our cause helps pay for server costs and marketing fees which we use in order to expand the network to other users on the internet so that they have the same option to join the community as you have had. You can support the network at


All function inside of DMT World is restricted to DMT World members who have approved their accounts. Any shared content outside of the network will still require an individual to have a DMT World account in order to view the content or interact with it. This does not mean that someone who registers in the community could report or copy some of the information inside of the network in order to incriminate or prosecute our users. It is imporant that each user who takes part in the community understands it is their responsiblity to montor their safety and to reduce sharing any content that could be illegal in their state or country. The DMT World team will do their best to remove the content or to contact a user who posts content that could affect them legally. DMT World takes no responsibility to legal actions that occur to the user for their content posted.



Inside DMT World

Inside DMT World you will find a number of systems or options for you to express your psychonaut needs. This includes an area to post your psychedelic experiences under “Trip Reports”. There is also a feed which you can update your status, communicate with others in real time, or share some photos or ideas you have been thinking about. Unlike Facebook this creates a much tighter knit community where everyone can speak to everyone else about a large range of topics, all focused on the psychedelic experience. 


Trip Reports
Who doesn’t enjoy reading about other peoples trips, what they learned, and what they saw? Erowid may be full of some pretty amazing content concerning trips, but what it doesn’t provide is a community to discuss your or others trips in full detail. Those trips that we find are most impactful are also featured on the site for all to see.
Interested in talking about specific topics or ideas? Our groups will offer you something to explore. Create your own group or join another and post and share in that group. Groups are like smaller communities as they are still shared with everyone’s feed, but can be further explored in the group section.
Want to talk to someone in the network? Not a problem. If you add someone as a friend and they confirm you, then you can send them a message. Messages are in real time and you are welcome to discuss psychedelics to your heart’s content.
For those who are into being the best in everything they do, we have badges for you. Gain a badge by helping out the network by posting and sharing, or donating. Special badges are given to those who support us.
Personal Profiles
Not one for talking with others but want your own space to write down your thoughts, dreams, experiences? Each user comes with their own profile area where you can post blogs, photos, videos that you care about. It’s your space, do what you want.

Mobile Users

If you have a mobile phone and want to access our website using your device we offer options for Android and Apple users through the Google Play Store and iTunes.

Data and Security

You can read more about our data and security options for DMT World here:


Welcome to the Tribe

Hopefully, this has answered some of the questions that you have had about our team, the system, and what it can offer you. We look forward to having you become part of our tribe by signing up and contributing your important knowledge to our community. We look forward to seeing you very soon. Find the others…

Testing started on DMT World

Welcome to the tribe-

We wanted to provide a quick update of what’s going on with the site and team. We are currently working hard on making the site available to everyone as soon as possible but we are currently testing all the systems to make sure we clear out as many bugs before we open up the site. We also have changed the support options to use our Patreon page as its easier to manage the support that way, as focusing on a more donation based support rather than a paid subscription. We also added a few additional options for those who want to support to help give back for their much-needed help.

As we move forward we are also building an app for both Android and Apple devices which should be ready for testing in the next week or two. Once that is ready we should be able to release the site to the larger audience. 

Thank you for your patience and support as we continue to improve things and we look forward to adding additional members to the tribe shortly.

DMT World Merchant Account


If you wish to sell items or services on the social site you must register as a merchant. This requires the yearly subscription fee to be paid in full at the time of registering your merchant account. If you have a standard account and wish to become a merchant, you can do so by subscribing to the merchant account and paying the full amount of the merchant account. Only merchant accounts can post any times on the market.

The market does not provide payment services of any kind. It is the merchant’s responsibility to make it easy for the community to be able to purchase the services or products that they offer. You can use a 3rd party site to do so. As a responsibility to the community we will monitor each merchant and review any wrongdoings by the merchant but we do not provide any financial compensation for issues between a merchant and the customer.

Merchants must abide by the laws of their own state or country. If a customer is in a state or country where a service is deemed unlawful and an exchange takes place, we will remove the merchant and the customer from the community. If an administrator or staff member removes a merchant account or standard account from the community, there are no refunds. Those individuals IP address will also be blocked from returning to the community.

Once you have registered as a merchant in the community you may have access to post in the market area. You will need to fill in all required information in that section and list your items in the category that best represents your product or service. Spamming or posting multiple listings is not authorized and if the opinion of an administrator or staff member is that an incident of spamming has occurred, that merchant account will be removed. Commenting either positively or negatively on your own account or others accounts to benefit your own personal interests is forbidden. Breaking any of the rules listed above will result in the termination of your account and your IP address being blacklisted.


Giveaway – 

To start this party off right we are giving away a free handmade glass mini dab rig. We will select one lucky member to receive this gift free of charge. To enter to win all you have to do is sign up for our newsletter by subscribing below. Once you are subscribed you will need to confirm your subscription in an email. At the end of the month, we will select one random person live on our facebook page. 

Start Day to Enter: 2/7/19
End Date: 2/28/19


This giveaways sponsor is Cough Glass. Cough makes all kinds of amazing glass products which can be found on his Instagram Account. Contact him out if you are looking for some custom work.

A Depiction of a Trip

A Depiction of a DMT Trip – 

Recently one of our members posted an amazing video that depicts the effects of a DMT trip as a fake advertisement for DMT. From my personal experiences with psychedelics as well as DMT, this accurately has the visual sensations that I see when DMT takes its effects. Though not all my experiences are like this one, it does express the essence and even 90% of what I have seen over my years of experimentation with the compound. I encourage you to check out the video and give us feedback on how this does or does not reflect your own experiences.

You can learn more about the creators of this video and their other projects at Credit also goes to Chaos as a co-creator.

Please comment below.

New Site


Hi fellow DMT psychonauts. In order to create a more inclusive experience, we have spent the time to make a cosmic shrine to our favorite molecule DMT. Though many of us have tried or experienced DMT in its purest form, it’s important to understand that DMT is not exclusive to just the compound, but can be found in all things living. In respect to this truth, we have made the website to include all of those who have in some way shape or form come in contact with DMT.

As this site develops and more and more people learn about DMT we hope to help those share what they know about DMT, their experiences, and how DMT has changed their lives through the site as well as the community. We intend to encourage others to share their information by giving away items which celebrate this accomplishment in the form of swag and gear with DMT and its related themes displayed. The goal behind this is to get others to understand the importance of community when it comes in relationship to DMT and the experience. We are, after all, connected on a much deeper level.

Additional to the badass DMT swag, we want to share all that you have created. We will make a way for those who are wanting to share their videos, music, images, and stories that surround DMT by featuring your work on our media outlets. Hopefully, through this sharing of our collective creativeness, we will be able to share with others our experiences and how DMT has fundamentally changed us.